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  1. UCLA MS Statistics F17

    The wait has been excruciating. The results will come out when we're all dead. It's April 18th, and here we are. Who else is waiting on this result in order to choose their school?
  2. 2017 Admissions General

    Thank you! I will keep that in mind.
  3. 2017 Admissions General

    I called Glenda's number this morning (about 11 AM PST) and unfortunately she was not there. What time did you call her?
  4. 2017 Admissions General

    Does anyone know what the deal is with UCLA's stat department? They seem to have persistent communication troubles. I've been waiting to hear back about the MS program for a while now. I've tried contacting them about when they're going to send out results, here's a timeline of what happened: 3/28 - Emailed graduate coordinator, she told me: "Hopefully, we will have a decision in the next week. If you don’t hear from us, please check back." 4/7 - Sent a follow-up email, no reply. 4/12 - Just sent out another email, I'll report back if they say anything. I have to accept my current best offer by 4/30, so I'm not in a rush. Regardless, I just want to wrap up my admissions season. I've heard that my issue is not unique though. It seems that a few people have gotten in this year, but I'm wondering if they're doing a round 2 here since I wasn't explicitly waitlisted.
  5. Undergrad Institution: U.C. Davis Major(s): Statistics, Economics GPA: ~3.5 Type of Student: Domestic white male GRE General Test: Q: 165 (89%) V: 160 (85%) W: 4.5 (82%) Programs Applying: Statistics MS Research Experience: Started doing an REU type of deal in Winter Quarter. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Nothing of real significance Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Grade for stats classes since last summer, Letters of Recommendation: Not my strong suit, but at least one of them has connections apparently. Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Spent first two years in community college, started the stats major in 4th year, currently a 5th year. Applying to Where: (Color use here is welcome) KU Leuven - Statistics MS / Admitted on 1/30 (Declined) Iowa - Statistics MS / Rejected on 1/31 Purdue - Statistics MS / Admitted with no funding(?) on 2/14 / (99% sure will decline) Oregon State - Statistics MS / Admitted with waitlisted funding on 2/20 / (Declined) Florida State - Statistics MS / Admitted with funding on 3/2. Offer is $14K/yr TAship + full tuition remission / (TBD) Michigan - Applied Statistics MS / Rejected on 3/6 UC Davis - Statistics MS / Pending UCLA - Statistics MS / Pending
  6. 2017 Admissions General

    I received word from them on January 31. I'm guessing they haven't sent out admits yet since I saw no other acceptances at the time.
  7. 2017 Admissions General

    I am a UC Davis Statistics undergraduate who applied for MS programs. Today I received my most exciting result yet! Florida State sent out an assistantship offer. Here's what my results currently look like: Accepted: Florida State, Oregon State (no funding yet), Purdue (no word on funding) Rejected: Iowa Pending: UC Davis, Michigan, UCLA Good luck to everyone else!
  8. 2017 Admissions General

    I got accepted into Purdue's statistics MS program a few days ago, which seems unusually early since most prior MS admits came in mid March through mid April. Does this mean anything exciting?
  9. I found out via an email from graduate admissions that I was accepted. Should I expect to receive an email from someone from the department as well, even though i'm an MS student? I'm still unsure what the acceptance deadline is, details about funding, etc
  10. Okay, so I'm fresh off the GRE and I'm gradsturbating (the process of sifting through options and imagining you actually making it to those programs) like crazy right now. I am hoping that if I could post my profiles, and what challenges i'm facing I could get a fair assessment of what options I should consider. Undergrad: UC Davis (transfer student) Majors: Statistics BS, Economics AB GPA: 3.55 cumulative, 3.52 in statistics Student: Domestic white male GRE: 160 V/165 Q/?.? AWA I have taken most of the required undergraduate statistics classes. I have finished my economics degree already. I am in the process of wrapping up my final year, where I will be completed a calculus-based probability course next quarter, and the rest of mathematical statistics. Strengths: Computing mainly. I am very fluent in R, I have plenty of experience manipulating and visualizing data, some that I can put on LinkedIn, some that's not as notable. I have solid grades in the applied classes. These include: Nonparametric (A), ANOVA (A-), Regression (A-), Time Series (A-), Computing (A-) and Multivariate (A-). I *think* my GRE score is not bad, but I'm not sure if it can make a difference in my application Drawbacks: I am a transfer student, so my first two years in undergrad were completed at community college. I am unsure if this is a big deal or not, but if someone could let me know that would be great. I received a C in linear algebra as a 2nd year. I recently took Multivariate (but i don't think this means much even though it uses a lot of linear algebra) and I will be taking an upper division linear algebra course in the spring. I took a shortened, two-quarter, version of mathematical statistics and received B's in both. I am going to retake the full year version to make up for this. I also have not taken any abstract mathematics classes, but I have heard this is not as much as an issue for MS students compared to PhD. What kinds of schools I'm looking for: I'm looking for traditional statistics MS schools. I am open to doing applied or computational statistics, but I am very skeptical of any degree that is in business analytics or data science. I am looking to avoid an online degree. In a perfect world, I would magically receive funding, but I do not have any expectations. Schools I am considering applying to: CSU East Bay, San Diego State, Oregon State, Purdue (Reach), Iowa (Reach), Ohio State (Reach), KU Leuven (that $800 tuition hot damn) Verdict: I am unsure if my application is strong enough, but there are ways to go before I can reach a conclusion. If there aren't any other graduate schools that will accept me, I will probably fall back on CSUEB and their lovely $7K a year tuition. I don't have my heart set on CSUEB yet, so that's why I'm reaching out.