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  1. Thank you very much @futureSpeechLP for your insights and suggestions! I will definitely check into programs at Christian universities that will maximize my undergraduate degree!
  2. Here's a little background about me: First, I'm a Christian Missions major and Biology minor at a small private school. My GPA is currently 3.89. I went in as Pre-Med initially, but after working last summer as a counselor at a camp for children with a variety of diseases/disabilities, I realized that I'd much rather walk alongside kids and help them live vibrantly over handing out pills. At that point, I began looking at the field of rehabilitation and therapy and came across speech language-pathology. I have been shadowing an SLP at a pediatric outpatient facility and I plan to shadow another one who works with the geriatric population very soon. Eventually, I want to work as a missionary and advocate for the needs of the disabled in the third world.
  3. Hello! I am an undergraduate student who recently discovered the world of speech pathology and fell in love. It's been quite the winding road, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Having said that, I will be graduating next May with my undergraduate degree in a different field and plan to begin applying for grad school for the fall of 2017. The school I currently attend does not have a CSD/SLP program, so I will be applying to other masters programs in hopes of getting in. I know how competitive the field is, and I just want some advice about how to make myself stand out in the sea of expertly prepared CSD students.
  4. Hello! I am a junior at a private Christian university with a major in Christian Missions and a minor in Biology. It was my original plan to go to medical school and become a missionary doctor, but as I immersed myself in the medical field, I realized that therapy was a much better fit for me. I am still very much called to the international mission field, and I would like to eventually work for/start a nonprofit that provides therapy to children in developing countries. Having said that, I am having trouble deciding what area of therapy to pursue. A little more about me... I am INFP personality type, I enjoy sign language, I enjoy writing, and I love working with children who are disabled.
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