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  1. I'm trying to decide if I should plan for a career shift after I finish my master's or if it's too late to be worth the trouble. I attended a no-name undergraduate but earned excellent test scores, recommendations, and a 3.9 GPA in a humanities major. I am currently in the Teach for America corps and working toward an M.S. in Education at a top-tier school. I'm still not entirely sure I want to pursue Education following my time in TFA, however, and I'm interested in psychology. I feel like it's related to my experience so far (I would certainly need to gain some research experience) but I'm not sure admissions committees would see it that way. So I'm left here: 1) Should I take my strong master's degree into the workforce for a few years and see where it takes me? 2) Is it absurd - financially, and career-wise - to pursue a third degree (likely a joint MS + PhD) in a psychology, a field in which I have no degrees thus far? Would it inevitably require a downgrade in school ranking? 3) Could committing to my path in Education take me into a top-tier EdD program, assuming I continue to do well in my master's? If so, I might rethink my desire to switch. Thanks all.
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