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  1. Hi all- UMD is offering a new evening post-bacc program which offers the prerequisite coursework required for most SLP grad school programs. Courses are offered in the evenings, allowing students to continue to work full-time throughout the 16-month program before applying to grad school. I've included more information about the program below. If you're interested, please visit our website: http://oes.umd.edu/continuing-education/hespie . Feel free to contact me with questions (hespie@umd.edu). Hearing and Speech in the Evening (HESPIE) is a non-degree, post-baccalaureate program that is structured with the necessary prerequisite coursework to provide a strong background for graduate training in Speech—Language Pathology, Audiology, and in Hearing, Language, or Speech Sciences. HESPIE provides students the opportunity to gain the necessary prerequisite coursework to apply to graduate schools as those pursuing these professional tracks must obtain a graduate degree in order to meet national certification requirements, and most state licensure laws. Upon program completion, students should have acquired the knowledge and skills to demonstrate knowledge of basic communication processes as well as knowledge of speech, language, and hearing disorders and differences, including etiologies and characteristics, prevention, assessment, and intervention. HESPIE offers courses at convenient evening times that meet face-to-face in campus classrooms during the University’s fall, spring, and summer semester, accommodating workforce schedules. The program includes eight courses—two offered each semester—with class meeting times of one evening per week. Whereas it is not necessary to take all courses, students must apply to be part of the program cohort. The full set of courses may be completed in sixteen months: fall, spring, summer, and the subsequent fall. The last classes would be completed just in time to apply for graduate programs in the subsequent fall semester as most programs have December or January application deadlines. The program is offered by the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, at the University of Maryland. The content of these UMD-approved courses have the same academic rigor and follow the same academic policies as the University’s undergraduate program. Instructors are carefully screened and regularly evaluated to maintain quality. HESPIE course tuition is charged at the approved Maryland in-state undergraduate rate to all students admitted into the program. Program students who register for non-program courses are charged tuition based on their residency classification. Find out more! Visit our website: http://oes.umd.edu/continuing-education/hespie For questions about the program, contact the HESPIE coordinator: Sarah Mohl Coordinator, Hearing and Speech in the Evening Email: hespie@umd.edu For questions about a current application, please contact the Office of Extended Studies. Email: oes@umd.edu Please Note: Whereas these courses are intended to meet the pre-requisite requirements of most graduate programs, including UMD’s, the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences cannot guarantee that other programs might not have additional required courses. You are encouraged to check requirements of those graduate programs to which you plan to apply. Acceptance into HESPIE does not guarantee admission into a graduate program at the University of Maryland.
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