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  1. Hello, I'm a rising sophomore who is very interested in mathematics and my future career goals are in math. I'm at a Big 10 school for math currently, but here's the problem: 1) I struggle with anxiety and certain mental health issues over the past year 2) I pull good grades in non math classes. I have pulled straight B+s in my math classes (the introductory calc sequence). Is it time already to stop thinking about graduate school due to such a terrible record? I'm up for taking linear algebra next. When should the indicator be to quit with math and start looking for something else? The issue is I don't want to be doing something else because I can do mathematics for hours. I can wake up at 4AM for it and keep playing with it and enjoying it, but I suck at taking tests. I make silly errors, get anxious and blank out sometimes and the rest is history. For my entertainment, I also read texts and self study number theory, a little bit of group theory and proof writing, as I didn't intend on being a math major until my 2nd semester. Any advice? I don't want undergrad to be the end of the road for me. I'm also not as eligible for research experience as I am not a US citizen/PR so NSF funding runs very thin. Plus these grades won't really help me get any stellar REUs because I will be up against the people who have obviously done a lot, lot better than I have in these classes, and have a leg up on me in terms of already starting analysis and upper level content. It worries me how all these forums mention a 3.9+ with research, etc. is probably one of the only ways to be considered. I'm not even looking at a tier 1 school now, not even remotely, but I want to chart out a smart way of getting into things. I'm giving myself one semester - if I do bad in linear algebra, I will accept that I'm just not meant for math, study it for fun and end up doing some other major half assed so I can be a grown woman after college, get myself a job and not regret anything. Any advice from you guys would be appreciated. All professors and graduate students currently tell me 'calculus means zilch' but it obviously affects my major GPA, and overall GPA. If I finish with straight 3.8s/4.0s till I graduate, I'll be up to a 3.8, otherwise a 3.6 will be my heaven. My math GPA will never cross a 3.5 because of this streak of Bs, unless only upper division courses matter. I'm clueless, and I'd love to know. (sorry to be the munchkin creeping up on grads only territory. I know how much you guys hate this )
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