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  1. leprechaun

    UNC biostats PhD funding?

    Thanks for sharing the information! Congratulations on receiving the funding! I have not heard from UNC so far, maybe I email them next week to ask about funding!
  2. leprechaun

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Waitlisted by UChicago stats phd as well!
  3. leprechaun

    UNC biostats PhD funding?

    I think they sent out visit day invitation this morning. Probably will go
  4. leprechaun

    UNC biostats PhD funding?

    Thank you! Are you a student there?
  5. leprechaun

    UNC biostats PhD funding?

    Thanks a lot. I just got an email from UNC about the visit day. It seems more details on funding would be given on the visit day.
  6. leprechaun

    UNC biostats PhD funding?

    @statbiostat2017 Thanks a lot for the reply. Congratulations on getting into UNC! Can I know where you learned about the visit day? I don't remember the offer letter mentioned this. I also hear that they offer more RA-ship than TA-ship.
  7. So I received a PhD offer from UNC Biostats last week, yet the offer letter did not mention funding details and says 'funding will be determined separately'. I looked through several threads about UNC biostats from last year, and found some applicant admitted to UNC biostats PhD program seems to be unfunded (at least until last March, the date that thread was posted). I am an international student and I feel it might be more difficult for me get funded, so I am a bit worried, and wanted to ask if anyone knows about the funding opportunity at UNC. Thanks a lot!

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