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  1. I wonder if this even matters at all. I am definitely not writing mine in order of Intro, Literature, Methods etc. or the variants. But I wanted to hear from others. Specifically, as I'm working on the literature review/theoretical background chapter and I know that by the time I am done with the dissertation, much more newer works would have been published. So I'm curious, do you leave this chapter till the very end or do most people update as they go?
  2. I had other offers and just accepted one of those on the deadline. So I never really waited to hear what they had to say when by April 15 they had not taken me off the waitlist or rejected me.
  3. So it's my first summer as a grad (phd) student. I was wondering what people do or how they spend their summers. For more context, I'm a political science student. I just don't want do nothing all summer. Thanks
  4. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but be prepared to wait a while. Sometimes till April 15. I have been on their waitlist before and it was really quiet on their front. I sent emails and they kept responding with the fact that they had no new information yet. It really depends on if those students accepted turn down offers.
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