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  1. I am in the Same Fix. :/
  2. Hello, I just got accepted into Penn GSE International Education Development Program which is my Dream course. I also got accepted into HGSE for International Education Policy both for MS.Ed. Anyone going through the same decision making process? Thanks!
  3. No. I haven't. Which other schools and courses have you applied to?
  4. Dear Fellow Grad School Aspirants, I recently applied for the International Education related Courses at 4 universities. I just heard back from GWU of my acceptance and a 20,000$ scholarship but I am still waiting on the Endowment results. I am also waiting to hear back from 3 others- UPenn, HGSE, and NYU. Has anyone else applied to the same and is awaiting for the results. Let's shake off that nervous energy together! Please share your thoughts.
  5. Hi fellow grad school aspirants, Is there someone else who got accepted into the GSEHD program for International Education? If you have, have you heard back about your merit scholarship through formal communication or on the endowments? If you are a current student I would love to hear about your experience thus far! Thanks!
  6. Dear All, It's great to read the amazing conversations and the wonderfully supportive ecosystem at Grad Cafe. I recently applied for a Master's in International Education, International Education policy, and Internation Education development at 4 different universities all based on the East coast, USA. Not all schools provide a merit scholarship and graduate assistantships are hard to find. Are there any Scholarships apart from the ones by the school that I could apply to as an Indian national applying for Grad school in the US? I'd be happy to exchange resources! Thank you.
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