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  1. @academicbirb Contact the schools directly if SOPHAS is being the worst. They will understand, but you need to be on their radar. I had similar GRE scores to you the when I applied out of undergrad and I got into BU. I don't know much about Harvard, but I get the sense that most PH programs want to make sure you are actually interested in this work, which you seem to be. It's not necessarily about numbers, it's about passion and vision.
  2. I was literally about to ask this exact question! My SOP and PHS cover exactly these things...I'm finding it impossible to not re-iterate, and also exhausting to come up with novel material considering I poured my heart and soul into those essays.
  3. You guys are the best! Also, I got my scores today Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Hi All, I'm applying to PhD programs, and all of my applications are due by December 1st. I took the GRE on November 15th and I'm anxiously awaiting the official reports. I took the GRE 6 years ago (oh my!) and completely forgot about this delay. I still need to submit my scores to 4 more schools, which I cannot do until the official report has been returned. Also..It's Thanksgiving, and they will be out Thursday and Friday for the Holiday. I don't think it's realistic that my official GRE scores will be in by December 1st. Has anyone ever had this issue? Any suggestions? Words of wisdom, support, or condolences?
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