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  1. Hi cloudyword -- I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That sort of thing happens at LSU -- as a matter of fact, a marginalized student left this year for the reasons I listed, like your friend's situation. To your question, do you mean funding at LSU specifically?
  2. I saw that, a few months ago, someone asked if anyone could say anything positive or negative about LSU English to help them make their decision. I can't, in good conscience, continue to avoid sharing my experiences at LSU in the event that I might be able to dissuade students with other options from attending. I'll jump right in. Attending LSU for English is probably the worst decision I have ever made for a number of reasons. 1--cronyism and favoritism is the order of the day. All decisions for favors, decent classes, good schedules, awards etc. are determined by whether or no
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