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  1. For all asking about the FB group, here it is. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1892382877673610/members/ Also, make sure you send a request from an account with the same first and last names as in your application. I think they will only accept requests fro admitted students. Hope to see some of you in Geneva in September. I am 90% certain I am taking the offer. Though I am waiting on Bocconi and Paris School of Economics too.
  2. Congrats! I got through International Economics too. Well I hope you get aid. You could also work part-time in geneva and from what I hear there are many old people willing to give you accommodation for free or very little provided you give them about 20 hours of service and (I think, some companionship). Look for additional sources of funding. Where are you from, if I may ask? I am from New Delhi, India.
  3. Congratulations! I have been a silent spectator for most of the time. I got through the International Economics program with a satisfactory (though i wanted full) financial aid. Where are you from in India? I am from New Delhi (education and residence).
  4. Im applying a year after university. Just started a job. MDev has about 70-80 students. While disciplinary only about 20-30. Some courses like history and anthro are less competitive than others. Also, I think you can apply for two programmes too. MIA is probably more competitive I think.
  5. Hi. Sciences Po offers Intl Development. Other options might be LSE, SOAS, U manchester, U of Sussex. I have changed my mind and wish to now pursue Intl Econ at IHEID instead. or PPD at Paris Sch Econ
  6. Hey guys. I'll be applying to International Economics. I just graduated in Economics from Delhi University and will be working for most of this year. I also need some sort of financial aid. Im sure this thread will get more active as time passes and the deadline approaches. Good luck everyone. Would be great to share and hear some inputs on this.
  7. Hi, Ill be applying for the International Econ course. No, I didnt face probelms opening an account. This sounds like a good initiative, its helpful to have people sharing their inputs.
  8. Hi guys, Just creating a space for the early phase of admissions to Masters in Development Studies ( or similar courses) for fall 2017. Personally, I'm focussed more on IHEID and Sciences Po, along with the Hague. However, feel free to discuss on any other institution too. I hope this could help clear people's doubts regarding the institution, financing, admissions, life there, or some other such thing. Cheers, Maadhav
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