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  1. Thanks! I checked the link and searched for some more info. It kind of answers my question. I gave it a thought and I'm going for it. BTW, I wish Carletto an excellent season and (by transitive property) to FCB. Best! R
  2. Hi, I really appreciate your interest I really don't know what I want to do in the financial sector. I just don't want to work in the academia. What are the prospects of getting into the industry with a PhD? I read all these articles saying that getting a PhD is only for academicians, that if you want to get in the industry you need less education and more real-life experience. The question is: Is getting a PhD just "too much specialization" for getting into the industry? My background: -BA in Physics from Havana University, Cuba (June 2015). -All grades between A+ and B+, in all math subjects I got straight A's -1 scientific paper (Physics) published in a British journal with 3.798 impact factor. -the paper got cited in Nature Physics (sort of a big deal in the Physics world). -1 presentation in an international conference. -Work experience <1year working for an IB school, in a prestigious Mexican university. -I can only get recommendation letters from Cuban professors with a limited visibility in the US (they are excellent, it's just they aren't very well known). -I'll take the GRE general and the subject before Jan 2017. I have two more questions: -Given my weak application, how "good" my grades in the GRE general/subject need to be? I know that it depends, but do you have an estimate? -By the time I'll finish with my application I'll be 26/27 years old, is that a problem for getting funding? Though I graduated only 1 year ago, Cuban males hold back 1 year because of military service and my major was 5 years long (equivalent to an MsC by some standards). I'll appreciate any further comments. I'm a little bit overwhelmed by all the info. Kind regards, Rogelio
  3. Hi, I want to apply to a MsC./PhD. program in applied statistics in the US. Is there something like a list of universities and the term (spring or fall) in which they offer scholarships? If so, can you provide the reference. BTW, if you are answering this, can you take a look at this too? Best, R
  4. Hi, I'm interested in entering a statistics master program in the US. Since I graduated from a not so prestigious foreign university, I'm not considering aiming at top programs in the US. I think that I have better chances applying to middle-rank programs. Plus, I have a limited budget for application fees and I don't want to squander it on unrealistic expectations. My question is: where can I find MSc stat programs ranked by demand? BTW, my long term project is to work for the financial sector. Do you think that I should apply to a PhD program? If so, can you provide a similar rank for PhD programs? Best!
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