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  1. Should I bother applying to NYU, Icahn School of Medicine, University of Washington, and Yale Neuroscience Phd programs...My reasoning for not is that I could use time/resources on lower tier schools. I have an undergrad GPA of 3.59(small LAC), masters neuroscience(not ranked) 3.90, and 1 year of intense electrophys research GREs kind of bad on essay, 17%. 85% on math/verbal.
  2. The methodology would be using wild type mice, aged or not, to enhance memory using a novel therapeutic that could be used later on to treat human cognitive impairing disease. This would be the basic foundation of my research interest. I think that if a drug/protein/therapeutic that could enhance learning or memory in a wild type mouse could potentially cure cognitive impairments in any disease that decreases cognition in humans...like Alzheimers, dementia, etc.
  3. Wet or dry lab doesn't really concern me. I want to do research in developing nootropics to treat cognitive impairing diseases. I'm just concerned because I'll find one PI doing this research and not a university with multiple PIs conducting this specific research area. I'll find one or two PIs at a university like Emory, NYU, and Yale. But no departments invested specifically in developing nootropics. I guess my question is are there universities with an emphasis(like an entire specialty or department) on developing such drugs to enhance cognition with nootropics to treat cognitive impairment. Thanks for your reply
  4. Hi, I'm looking to apply to graduate neuroscience phd programs but I'm having difficulty looking for a program with PIs that conduct research in my interest area. I want to do research on the learning and memory of neurobiology. Specifically with nootropic drugs to cure cognitive impairing disease. I'll generally find 1 PI in any one program doing similar research but would like to see a program with at least 2 or more PIs doing this research. any universities come to mind? No location restrictions besides being a US grad school. Thanks
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