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  1. I'm taking the GRE on the 7th of september and the only real problem I'm having right now is with the verbal reasoning, as I'm not a native english speaker and I've completed and engineering degree the majority of the words that come up in the verbal reasoning are unfamiliar to me...the maths is ok and I know I can do much better than in this first test...do you recommend just continuing with the powerprep or is there anything else that could help me? Thanks for your advice
  2. Hi everyone, I just started today to prepare for the GRE test and I've completed a mock test with PowerprepII. I was wandering if anyone could explain to me the scoring system of the GRE and of the program itself. I don't understand how the program tells me I got a score of 130 (the minimum i believe?) if I answered more than 70% correct in the verbal and quantitative sections....any ideas? You can see a screenshot of the score here: Thank you for your help! Tom
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