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  1. Really thank you for your reply and suggestions, fuzzylogician! Be honest, I am quite worried that leaving the program at my previous school might be the kiss of death of my application this year. So, I made a lot of efforts to propose a positive explanation in my SOP. As for LORS, one of the letters is written by my former TA supervisor in my previous school. Because he was not familiar with the class he taught last year, I helped him a lot with my expertise helping students and reviewing their project reports. So, he said he would write a very good LOR for me. Another LOR is written by my master's thesis advisor. He mentions that I am an excellent graduate student. The reason why I left my previous school is solely the fit issues. I really hope these are adequate enough to support my application. Hope for the best! Thank you again! Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi Guys! I have submitted most of my applications. However, one school just e-mailed me. They require me to submit a letter of good standing. They need the letter to prove that I was in good standing in my previous graduate school. (I left the school because the direction my previous group is taking does not fit my research interests, so I was in good standing.) Is it common for graduate schools to require applicants who want to re-apply to submit such letters? I am quite surprised to receive such demand. I am not sure whether I should send letters of good standing to all the school I have applied before they ask me to do it.... Does anyone have similar experience? Thank you very much, guys! Merry Christmas! PHD LETTER FORM.pdf
  3. Really thank you for your reply! day_manderly! I did proofread my statement several times. I only found errors in that sentence. The rest parts of my statement are OK. Sometimes, we just need to move on. I still have several applications needed to be submitted. Thank you again! Have a good day!
  4. I just found out that there are pretty stupid grammatical errors in one of my sentence in my SOP after I submitted it. That sentence misses a verb after "to" and has a duplicate "with.... with" at the end of the sentence. I just could not believe I did not spot the error after proofreading my SOP several times. Will this error strike me out ? Oh my God!
  5. Really thank you for your reply! You are very helpful! It is too bad that my adviser won't provide me a good letters. I think I can get one or two possible good letters from my TA supervisor and engineering mathematics instructor. Thank you again!
  6. Hello Everyone: When I joined my previous group, I was not aware of that my adviser only focuses on training and writing books. Basically, our group did not do any research. My adviser only cares about writing training materials and books to teach people how to use software. All we do is to take a lot of screenshots for the training.... When my adviser recruited me, he only mentioned our group has industrial projects. He did not mention actually they are "training" projects not research projects. After staying a year, I had enough and decided to quit my current program. Before I joined my currently PhD program, I already acquired a master of science degree and published 5 papers. Last year in the U.S, I spent most of my time only on teaching (as a TA) and writing training materials. I really want to do normal research or industrial projects like I used to do, so I quit my current program and plan to re-apply a different one again. (Actually, my colleague in my group also quits.) How do I convince the admission committee that I will be successful in their program? Should I speak out the truth in my SOP? Do I still stand a chance in re-applying different programs? It's a very difficult for me to quit... But, I really don't want to do any of the work for the training. Thank you!
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