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  1. BC Lynch School of Education - MA admission

    Has anyone received their financial aid packages? I received a letter last week saying the packages would be available online beginning on March 25th but I keep checking the system and nothing is listed. I emailed them yesterday and I tried calling them today but the hold time was 45 minutes! I guess I will try again next week. Sigh.
  2. BC Lynch School of Education - MA admission

    Congrats on your acceptance, ex_acc! Are you leaning towards BC? Right now I am pretty sure that I will be going if my finaid package works out. They said they will be sending us the finaid info. at the end of the month.
  3. To Stay Put or Move

    I think it depends on how much undergrad debt you currently have and how much you would need to take out for grad school. If you only have 10k debt from undergrad and would only need to take out 10k or 15k for grad school then moving might be good move since living in a location that you love or at least like is important. I always say do not take out more debt then what your current salary would be once you graduated. For instance if your starting salary after grad school is 40k do not take out more then 40k in loans (undergrad + grad school combined) Good luck waiting to hear back from schools. I am also in a similar boat--I have applied for higher ed programs and am waiting to hear back and hoping finaid works out.
  4. MPP or Higher Ed Master's Decisions

    Hi mtn5h! Right now I am leaning towards the higher ed program at Boston College. I am still waiting to hear from Harvard & Cornell. You really can't go wrong with Hopkins or Harvard. The plus side with Hopkins is that you might not have to move again after your program if you want to stay and work in the DC/Maryland area. But then again Harvard is so well known which can definitely help in getting a job once the program has ended. If you are seriously thinking about pursuing Harvard's doctorate then getting your degree from Harvard would also give you the much needed connections that would help with securing the advisor that you mentioned does research in an area that you are excited about. Did you get better funding at one school over another? At least for me funding is going to play a part in my final decision. Have you visited either school? If it is feasible to visit that might also be an option to help you pick a school. Let us know what you decide!
  5. BC Lynch School of Education - MA admission

    Sorry to hear about Harvard. I have not received my decision from them yet. Thanks for the link about BC's finaid package. I emailed BC yesterday regarding finaid. If they don't get back to me today I plan on giving them a call on Monday. Fingers crossed for a good package for both of us. I really want to move to Boston:)
  6. HGSE Fall 2010

    I am sorry to hear that you can't switch programs. They won't let you reapply next year? Did they give you a reason why?
  7. Ivy League degree

    I am glad that I can help! I heard it from my undergrad professor--she was a wise woman and it sure is practical advice. Have you decided what school you will be attending?
  8. BC Lynch School of Education - MA admission

    Anyone hear anything about funding and/or finaid packages yet? I received my acceptance a few weeks ago but no word yet on funding.
  9. Ivy League degree

    I have always been taught not to take out more than what what your starting salary will be. For example, one should not take out $50,000 in loans if the average starting salary will be $35,000 for instance. Taking out 100k in loans seems like a bit much but then again the Ivy League experience and the job placement after you graduate could be well worth it. Good luck with your decision!
  10. HGSE Fall 2010

    The link did not work--what was it in reference to?
  11. HGSE Fall 2010

    Thanks for the info, kismetcapitan! Were you able to switch programs or do you have to reapply again?
  12. HGSE Fall 2010

    For the people who have already heard--did you just apply to the masters program or did you apply to the Ed.D or the Ed.L.D program and were defered to the reg. pool?
  13. MPP or Higher Ed Master's Decisions

    If you want to stay in higher ed and eventually get your Ph.D. in the field then getting your masters in higher ed might be a better match since you will have more networking opportunties. I would also say go to the program in the geographic area that you wish to work--if you want to want to work in DC/Maryland then Maryland or John Hopkins would be a great fit and if you wanted to work in the Boston area then Harvard would be the way to go. I have also applied to higher ed and policy programs. The wait is killing me!
  14. Location

    I am in a similar situation--I chose my first job with little regard to location and having been in this job for the past couple of years I realized the very limited pool of dateable guys in my rural location and will def. be choosing my grad school or next job (if funding does not work out) based on location since I would like to marry in the near future:) I say go with School #2
  15. BC Lynch School of Education - MA admission

    Hi betsykeys23! Congrats on your acceptance! I did not apply for the Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars program so I can't help you there but I am also waiting on Harvard. I am still waiting on my finaid package from BC. Did you try calling BC? Maybe they send out letters for the Urban Scholars program separately?