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  1. The acceptance letter I received said something about an information packet or something along those lines being mailed out within the next two weeks... Hopefully that will shed light on next steps.
  2. Okay, not a guy.. but y'all are cracking me up. BEST. THREAD. EVER. Good luck with the facial hair.
  3. amyeray

    The end in sight

    Thanks guys! Freire did rock my world, some books just change how you approach everything in life.. and that one is for sure one of them for me. Just learned today that I was accepted to the Ed.M. program that I applied to.. so I guess I will go to school and then change the world. :-) Good luck to all of you on your journey as well.
  4. I have been offered a place in the Arts in Education program 2011-2012. Never would have dreamed.. Good luck/Congrats to all.
  5. amyeray

    The end in sight

    Thanks, Lantern! Good luck in your efforts as well :-)
  6. I am applying to a field that I have, so far, not been directly involved in (Technical Theatre major to Arts in Education applicant). Not a negative - I see it as a totally obtainable challenge! For my application I've got: - 3 years as a technical manager of a touring museum exhibit (with a big educationally associated name). - 3 awesome LOR writers that know me well and can speak to my abilities and efforts. - A heartfelt and kick-ass statement of purpose (all my friends and colleagues say it's very "me"). A positive outlook is a great idea!! Keep the happy energy flowing.. good lu
  7. Coming to the home stretch before notification I'm feeling better about grad school than I have over the course of my application process. It looks like we'll be getting a decision in a week (or two) and I'm more excited than nervous. The excitement comes not from finding out if I've been accepted or not, but where my mind is at the end of this process. I've always had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life, a vague point of destination somewhere far down the line. Then I started my application. I started making a list of volunteer work, accomplishments, and updated my resum
  8. Everyone is excited/nervous, isn't this a good place to share the pre-decision jitters? Not to switch gears, but on the topic of the online application... does anyone know if you can access your Letters of Rec after your application has been submitted? I checked the little "i'd like to be able to view these" box (or whatever it said)and could until I submitted. Two of my recommendation writers submitted their LOR after I submitted my application, but I still would like to read them. Have a feeling I can't, but thought I'd ask if anyone on here knew how. Thanks!! Only a week or so to
  9. Sorry to hear about the rejections being posted. I only applied to an Ed.M. program and my application status is still what it has been (kind of a given that the masters students get notified later)... just FYI. Getting nervous knowing they are starting to send stuff out though. Good luck to everyone :-)
  10. Amelapay, that's a tough one... interesting though. Does anyone know if there is a place that posts the status of your financial aid application like they did with the program application? I sent the materials in, but wasn't sure I had everything I needed. I can call them if all else fails, just wanted to know if I was missing somewhere it might be listed without having to bother them. Hope everyone is having a happy February, it'll be March before we know it :-)
  11. I will join you near the punch bowl. I am the girl who went to the bathroom and tucked her dress into her underwear without knowing it. Hoping for something miraculous! Punch is good though.
  12. Hm.. I might have to try pretending there is no calendar. I don't know how happy work would be with me just showing up when I feel like it, could be interesting though! Kismet - you sound super busy! That might be a more effective less "fire-y" strategy to fit into my work schedule...
  13. Just completed my financial aid info... which means I'm done sending stuff in. Frightening. I'm fretting over this much more than I thought I would. Hopefully the month long business trip will help keep my mind occupied. How's everyone else biding their time?
  14. you have an awesome profile name. Just sayin.

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