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  1. You mean a TA practically gets a tuition fund(though not the living expenses)? Can you tell me more, please? I'm a non-US citizen from a third world and the studies I'm applying for has almost no connection to the academia at my country. Therefore it was really hard to get any information in regards to not only the field itself but also MA in the US. Now I feel like I've got myself a lifeline.
  2. Actually it's one of my primary concerns as well. How much does a TA job pay?
  3. Hi all! I’m a non-US citizen(Korean) trying to apply for Arab Studies programs in UC, JHU, etc. After a short period in the private sector, I realized I wasn’t cut out for strict hierarchy and was more inclined towards creating knowledge, rather than standing aside as a bystander and consuming it. But being a non-US citizen living in Seoul, there are considerable risks in jumping on the boat, and was hoping somebody here who has hit similar walls would be so kind to answer some of these. I had a few questions regarding the application and future prospects. I have good TOEFL
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