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  1. Mine hasn't. I was contacted by my POI to inform me of acceptance and tentative funding. My portal still shows that my application is under review tho. Thank you very much! I can't believe it truly. My main POI is Alice Conklin but I expressed interest working with some other faculty members in the French and African history departments.
  2. Got my first response and acceptance letter from my POI from OSU this morning! Department nominated me for two fellowships for a total of six years of funding! Beyond excited!
  3. Do you mind asking what's your subfield?
  4. Okay glad to know it happened to other people lol. I was mildly panicking. Yeah I'm assuming it just means that everything was received by the graduate school and is ready for the committees to review.
  5. Did anyone else's status on uwisconsin madison's status application change? Earlier this morning I wasn't able to see my status but now it looks differently and on the left under History PhD there is now another little slot that says Available for Recommendation and 'Pending Review' under both in the status description. Is this normal? Edit: added screenshot of page - blocked out the misc numbers in case they are significant to my identity or whatever :P
  6. Yikes AP, that sounds super intimidating, but thank you for sharing!
  7. I hope that everyone had a successful run of submitting their applications for December deadlines!! Question for those who have gone through previous cycles. Do most schools interview the applicants they are interested in or is that more of a school-by-school basis decision? What was your interview experience if you did have one?
  8. One application submitted! They wouldn't send out letters of recommendation requests until you submitted all documentation. I am not completely satisfied with where my writing sample was at for it, but I've also been staring at it for probably way too long at it anyways at this point. I feel like I'm starting to get tunnel vision when it comes to my writing sample. Dec 1 deadlines are coming up so quickly!
  9. Also for what it's worth just from my personal experience (and I see that you are applying for fall 2017) but should things not work out this year there can be a lot of benefits to taking time off in between undergrad and applying. I know for myself (I'm in year 2 out of graduating from undergrad) that time definitely helped me to hone in on what I want to study, plus I was able to have a lot more time to study for the GRE. You definitely don't have to spend a lot of money to be prepared for it. I cannot recommend the website vocabulary.com enough when it came to studying some of the pre-made
  10. I feel you! I need to be done with everything, but also at the same time I need November to go on forever so I have maximum time to edit everything. Sure no problem. I'm applying to UT-Austin, UChicago, OSU, UWisconsin-Madison, IU-Bloomington, Northwestern, Rutgers, and Notre Dame. What about you?
  11. I'm doing history but would definitely be willing to trade SOP with anyone! PM me if anyone is interested
  12. I've had contact with my favorite POI and they are interested in my research but had semi-dire (but understandable and realistic) things to say about the prospects of job for European historians... I'm not sure if this is a thinly veiled 'don't apply here' or a 'just know what you are getting yourself into' comment. Anyone have any interesting/confusing interactions with POI and how did you handle it?
  13. Has anyone come across a section on their application that asks you to list the other schools you are applying to and rank them? They appear to be optional sections, but I'm not sure how to approach this.
  14. OMG same... shout out to that 4:30 AM work out club. Also since I've asked a few questions already figured I would introduce myself as well. Graduated in 2015 from a SLAC (double major MLL/Classics) with a 3.66 GPA (damn you Ancient Greek) and good GRE scores (again not as important). Spent the year after graduation teaching English in France, and this year I'm completing a service year with AmeriCorps and am hopeful for the upcoming application cycle. My interests are in Modern Europe, specifically I want to look at gender and sexuality during France's Third Republic. I am applying to seven P
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