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  1. Accepted to Harvard BIG...assumed I wasn't getting in since it's been so long a was waitlisted so already told somewhere else I was coming, so have to think that over. Most likely will not change my decision.
  2. Was awarded it in Life Sciences - Computational Biology/Genomics (I think I indicated this as a 40/60 split) as an undergrad! Very surprised, and definitely didn't expect to hear back today! Scoring was: E/E, E/E, E/E, Awarded
  3. Yeah I definitely didn't lie...these grades weren't out when I applied. Also didn't fail or anything just had too many very hard classes and got A/B/B/B/B+
  4. I've been accepted to my top choice school in the US (a top 5 program) and I have accepted their offer. There were no conditions stated in my letter and the university only says offers are only contingent on "satisfactory undergraduate degree completion". I had a pretty rough senior fall semester (3.25 when overall GPA before that was 3.8), which dropped me to around 3.74, and they didn't see Fall grades when I applied or ask for them. Now I'm in my last semester, and it's off to a rough start due to missing so much class to attend interviews all over the country. I'll probably be able to pul
  5. I didn't hear a reply yet, but they said within 1 week which would be a few more days for me (went on a different day because of the snow cancelling flights).
  6. This is definitely false. I interviewed at programs where they interviewed 40+ people for 5-6 spots. Also, there's really no need for hostility. I was interested in them. I had a number one school for academic + personal reasons, I thought it was a reach...didn't even expect an interview. Visited, loved it, knew I would go if I got an offer and I got in. It's not some conspiracy...
  7. It seems like more of a dick move to go fake that I might come, waste their and my time (also miss 8 consecutive school days), and potentially take someone's spot.
  8. Thoughts on canceling upcoming interviews if I got into my first choice and will definitely be attending? Might lose some money, but would be another ~6 school days I'd have to miss...
  9. Accepted to MIT Biology...will very likely be attending. Initially thought CSB would be a better fit, but after interviewing for both, the differences are very subtle between the two and the structure of Bio was a better fit for me.
  10. Ahh good to know. Don't see any results posted yet in the database...gonna assume that maybe they wait since the 2 visits were only 2 weeks apart.
  11. Heard back from JHU CS (Comp Bio concentration)...invited for visit after really great skype interview with a POI
  12. For me at least, I definitely over-applied because I didn't really have any idea how competitive I'd be, as I didn't know anyone else who'd gone through this process, at least in this field. So looking back, I wouldn't have applied to 11. Also, the plan was that the interview invites would narrow down my choices a bit...didn't happen. But yes, I can say with confidence that of those 8 interviews (7 schools...applied to 2 departments at one of them) I would be very happy attending 5 of them. The other 2, I would like to visit because I'm not sure. I also think going on the visits might help me
  13. I applied to 11 (?) and got all 11 interviews. Going to probably go to 8, maybe 9? Haven't really decided yet. None of mine are in the same city as my school, so a bit concerned with how much class I'll have to miss...lots of flying...
  14. Got an invite from MIT CSBi....can't believe it, does anyone know anything about how many they interview?
  15. Oh almost forgot...still waiting on Berkeley comp bio as well. Now to just figure out how to actually go to all of these...I think I have one or two that I might just have to withdraw because of scheduling problems :/
  16. Either overnight flight (because the time change will suck going back east) or crash with friends in NYC. But yeah I'm in Pittsburgh and flights PIT-SAN-NYC are really close to 400 so I don't want to wait too long. I think UCSD is reimbursing us so maybe I can get Cornell to pay for San Diego to NYC or something. Shoot me a message if you want to figure it out.
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