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  1. Hey everyone, just putting this out there because this forum helped me a ton when I was applying last year. I'm a current student in Waterloo's MPS program so If anybody has any particular questions about co-op, the courses, student life, etc. feel free to DM me. I'm more than happy to help !
  2. just got an acceptance from Ryerson today, super surprised because of my low gpa. Declining in favor of Waterloo, gl to anybody else who applied!
  3. Hey @unjustfixation I finished my application just a few days before the deadline for funding (Jan. 15th I believe). And thanks! I've rejected in favour in Waterloo, so hopefully that opens a spot to someone deserving! And best of luck to you !!
  4. Yeah no problem! And I don't think my grades/education were anything remarkable: L2 GPA was 3.37, Sociology undergrad, and I had a post-grad certificate in research methods & analysis from an Ontario college. Although I did intern abroad in Finland, interned as a Research Assistant at a Law school, held a student rep and a VP position, and did quite a bit of volunteer work around campus. No government experience however. I saw some of your posts, congrats on getting into Munk! that's a huge achievement! If you can get into there I'm sure you can get into Waterloo. Best of luck!
  5. Recieved admission into Waterloo's MPS today through email!
  6. I applied to USask's MPA, Waterloo MPS, and Ryerson MPPA. Got an offer from USask with 5k funding a few weeks back, waiting to hear from Waterloo and Ryerson!
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