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  1. How much do you think cost of living affects your bargaining power? I have a stellar package from Columbia and I want to use that as leverage at Penn but NYC is way more expensive than Philly.
  2. Have you received your financial package yet? I just have that one email from Grazian.
  3. I also received an acceptance email from the Penn Graduate Chair. My portal status wasn't updated though.
  4. I received the website confirmation from columbia yesterday though I received an informal acceptance by phone earlier this month. My status also says submitted but then when i clicked my application my decision was in a message.
  5. I got a call but they actually didn't give me much information lol. I was too excited to think to ask many questions but the woman I spoke with said official decisions should come in a couple of weeks.
  6. I received a rejection from Berkeley as well. Strange that so far I've only been accepted to sociology programs. Thankfully I've been accepted to one of my top choice programs but I find this strange seeing as I have a BA in Black Studies.
  7. Anyone else get a call from Columbia? I'm "recommended for admission" but I'm not super sure what that actually means.
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