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  1. Yale, 100% WIth Gorski, Adams, and Wyrtzen for historical sociology, Rene Almeling and Alka Menon for qual methods, and then the dual PhD program in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, it seems like a great fit.
  2. If you're affiliated with a program/university, stick with your cohort. It's miserable to go and not be affiliated. I went as an undergrad with the Undergraduate Honors Program that ASA has, and it was very difficult. Make sure to step outside and get fresh air, too.
  3. Not going this year, but I've been in the past. I will wait until I've got some research to present, I think.
  4. I agree completely with @rising_star. Having just completed the process of applying, and then having been admitted to my top programs, I can say for certain that your scores are just fine. Don't retake the test. I repeat, don't retake the test. Focus your attention of your writing sample, your personal statements and/or statement of purposes, and building relationships with faculty in the departments you are interested in. My GRE quant score was significantly lower than yours (verbal same, writing higher), and I did very well. I didn't get into top 5 schools, but I didn't want to go to those s
  5. Sorry that I missed this. Did you get accepted to the last program you were waiting on?
  6. i was rejected from Northwestern. I got an email that told me to check the portal. I don't care one bit, as Yale is the better fit. Congrats to all admits!
  7. Also rejected from Michigan, and it won't let me submit to the results board. Not phased, it was not a good fit at all. Fit > rank.
  8. Gotcha. I called this morning. Michigan didn't really give me a sense for when they'd be releasing the decisions. At first the person on the phone said, the next few days, and then said, maybe next week. When I prodded a bit, she said she didn't know, and that the person who coordinates these things is out of the office today. I also called Northwestern, and Ryan, the graduate coordinator, said that they will be releasing decisions this week and that the Visit Day is March 29 and 30.
  9. I am sort of surprised Michigan has waited this long to admit. Last year they admitted the first week of February. If it's anything like last year, Northwestern should've admitted last week, but no results went up? Right?
  10. No one has heard from Northwestern, right? Has anyone been invited to a visit day?
  11. I got an offer today, and I interviewed with them on Friday, January 27th.
  12. I am assuming that the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor postings on the results board for admits to the Joint Program in Social Work and Sociology are different from the PhD program in Sociology? Can someone clarify?
  13. I read your original post with no harm, so no worries. Good luck to you.
  14. If you didn't get in to the program that you wanted (great fit and top ranked) this year, why not start at the program you were accepted to, and then transfer? I had a friend do that. They started at the only program they were admitted to and then the first semester, they immediately started applying again to the better programs. They were admitted, and transferred.
  15. I'm not really sure why there is so much hate for the second poster's tone - I read it as an honest inquiry. I'm going to chalk it up to a lot of super anxious folks with emotions running high as we wait on the future of our careers. Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't though about cost of living, that's a good point.
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