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    PoI vanished

    Thanks FL and LMIP//, I just received an email from him apologizing for the delay in response and saying that he's been trying to set up a skype interview for me with some MIT faculty. I need to be more patient with these things.
  2. TanZor

    PoI vanished

    Thanks! I guess this can't be entirely it because our whole communication was during the IAP, maybe he just changed his mind.
  3. Hi all, I got two interview invitations - one for the UCL neuroscience program (interview next week) and the second for MIT brain and cognition (mid-March). UCL made it clear that in case they offer me a place they want an answer within 10 days. Independently, my MIT PoI contacted me to ask if I had any ideas following a talk that he recently gave and I attended. I asked him if it was possible to arrange a Skype meeting before my interview in London and he gave a diplomatic answer along the lines of "I don't want to stand in the way of your best offer". We continued to email a little about research before he asked who were my PoI-s at UCL, and suggested to arrange a skype interview with "MIT folks" prior to my interview. I answered both questions, saying that skype interviews sound like a good idea. This happened 5 days ago, and he never answered back. Our communication before this email was very short and fast. I emailed him a short reminder two days ago, but still no answer. I'm freaking out a little, and wanted to share and ask if there's something I might be missing here. Thanks, TanZor
  4. Hey everyone! Couldn't find the answer anywhere so posting here: I recently applied to psychology grad schools in UK and USA. UK universities explicitly ask potential students to contact potential supervisors, so I did. This wasn't the case for American universities, so except for one Stanford professor that I previously met in a conference, I didn't contact any american professor before applying. Yesterday an Israeli professor who graduated from MIT BCS told me that I should have contacted my professor of interest in MIT. Do you think it makes sense to contact him now? I haven't received any invitation yet, and MIT seem to have released invitations already. Thanks, -Tan (not sure if relevant, but GRE v: 164 q: 170, w:4.5, GPA: 98/100, neuroscience MSc Summa Cum Laude)
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