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  1. Has anyone got off the waitlist yet for lakehead?
  2. Hi I was also waitlisted for the thunderbay campus, I got a letter in the mail saying I would know on or about may 15 if I've been accepted off the waitlisted or not.
  3. Has anyone's status for windsors 2 year msw not changed yet? Mine still says in progress. Also has anyone been accepted or rejected yet?
  4. Has anyones status changed to something other than waitlisted for lakehead?
  5. Is this for the orrilia or thunderbay campus!?
  6. Hi! I also applied to Windsor and Laurier but for the 2 year MSW, how did you find out your admission status for both?
  7. Hi! Does anyone know when we should hear back from Windsor for the 2 year msw?