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  1. Hey all, Just declined my acceptance for the MSW at Renison Waterloo. A spot will be opened up
  2. So confused anyone have any clarity on this: I accepted the waitlist offer from Ryerson and in the past few hours today my waitlist approval dissapeared and I got a message from them in the communications saying: We are pleased to inform you that the Dean of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Graduate Admissions Committee of the Graduate Studies Social Work program has reached a final decision regarding your application to the Full Time Master of Social Work program. To access this document, please login to your Student Centre in RAMSS (my.ryerson.ca)
  3. Thank you! and Congrats on the acceptance
  4. Does anyone know when Ryerson's deadline for acceptance was? Was anyone waitlisted for Ryerson? I haven't heard from them yet and I'm not sure if there is a waitlist happening at this point
  5. Anyone not yet heard from Ryerson yet?
  6. I also haven't heard anything :S
  7. Thank you and congrats on your achievements!
  8. Wow that is an astonishing accomplishment. Could you let us hopefuls know a bit about yourself, gpa experience, whatever
  9. Hi there, Do you mind letting me know if they sent an email or updated your status through loris, or both?
  10. Got accepted to Waterloo Renison (probably can't accept because I can't take a statistics course for my life), waiting on Laurier, Ryerson and York..
  11. Got waitlisted for UofT now that I've experienced the first heartbreak I'm really scared for the next three. For people that have gone through this more than once what things did you change about your application on the round that you got in?
  12. If it doesn't say anything on ACORN yet should I safely assume it's a waitlist or rejection?
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