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  1. Got off the waitlist at UC Irvine two weeks ago, and released the offer early last week. Hope this did help people who were waiting. Wish everyone best of luck!
  2. @01848p Your current situation is similar to my postdoc's when she applied to grad school. There are other factors to consider, of course. So she was choosing between Rutgers (super supportive PI and amazing funding package; they really wanted her then) and NYU (higher ranked, but she was waitlisted in the first place. Not very supportive PIs and they told her that they chose her because the student they wanted went to another school). She ended up attending NYU but she regretted it a lot in the past few years. It was so hard for her to survive that 6 years. Even that, she wouldn't draw t
  3. @SocCog Thanks for your responses. They are definitely helpful! It seems that people don't really think that that gap is a big deal. My current advisor made the same comment. I might've overrated to that. So, the PI at school A has been publishing in the past few years, but not as many as the PI at school B. I don't think I'm that independent at this point, especially in the writing process. I wish to talk to the PI at school B one more time so that I get a better sense of her personality/style.
  4. @_intrigue_ So the other person at School A that I could collaborate with is an expert in health psychology and her lab has a lot of physio- data, which I know very little about. I think these are still very interesting and important, and I'd be happy to learn. I don't mind starting from scratch regarding that, but this means that I have to change what i was originally interested in, and I don't know if that's gonna to work out for me. It just hesitant to take that risk at this point if that makes sense to you.
  5. @dormcatThanks very much for your feedback. I do hesitant to ask about that. I guess I won't do.
  6. @_intrigue_These are the factors that matter most to me.
  7. Thank you very much for your reply! It is indeed a competitive program, I think. She was pretty young back then, and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't her child. Do you think it'd be offensive if I ask her directly?
  8. Hello everyone, I need some suggestions in making a decision between school A and B: School A pros The PI is more productive in pulling off publications per year. But I don't know to what extent she is enthusiastic about me since she waitlisted me in the first place cons The PI is more of a cognitive psychologist than a social psychologist. She studies emotion and memory, and I'm less interested in the cognition piece. School A is strong in health psychology, which is not something I'm particularly interested in or wanting to pursue
  9. I've received an informal acceptance from my POI but haven't got the official letter yet. Finger crossed for you! Best of luck!
  10. Just received the rejection letter from Boston College via mail. Interesting that they actually mailed it.
  11. Has anyone heard anything from University of Washington, Seattle, Boston college, and stony brook?
  12. I've been accepted to Penn State's social psychology program, but waitlisted at UC Irvine. Try to make a comparison between these two programs, any suggestion, please?
  13. I'm an international student too and I also applied to NYU. I wasn't invited for interview but hasn't received the rejection letter either. However, when I applied, I made it clear that I didn't want to do master if rejected from the phd, probably that's why I haven't heard from them yet. Finger crossed.
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