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  1. After the visit I really feel good about the program, school, and location! I'm definitely attending. For me, they have exactly the research I'm looking for and while it is a top school, the grads weren't dead inside. They genuinely seemed happy and enjoyed the program and their PI's. Everyone was transparent about the work load and said that it's a lot in your first year, but worth it. Also, there's tons of nature around, which is a big plus for me! All of these points were things that I just didn't see at other schools I visited. Plus the living stipend is fantastic for the area! I will be at TATP (the TA teaching program) July 10th if anyone else is attending, hit me up!
  2. Hello potential Cornell Grads! I was accepted to their Chemistry PhD program on Christmas Eve! It was my top choice and I'm stoked! Anyone else attending the group visit on Feb. 24th? Also, general thoughts on whether you'll accept? I got into 4 other schools, the other top choice being UCSB. My focus is organic and polymers. Congrats to those also accepted!
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