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  1. Thank you for replying. I went to IHEID to one of the info session afternoon, and I did mention it is almost impossible for me to get a academic reference. They kept on stressing that try to get at least one academic reference. I will somehow mention in my motivation letter that I have worked for long, and hence getting recommendations from managers because they know me better.
  2. Hello @fernandomli , did you provide any academic reference? I know that IHEID stress a lot on academic reference. I am trying hard to talk to professors, no luck so far
  3. Hello All, I am planning to apply to IHEID MDev program for fall 2017 in march deadline. I finished my undergrad in 2004, and have worked for 8 years in technology arena. I wanted to ask if anyone with work experience has applied for this program. Moreover my biggest problem is that I am not in touch with my professors, and I am having hard time to reach out to them. I talked to the admission office at IHEID, and they stress that get at least one academic recommendation. Do you think if I get both professional recommendations that will weaken my application. I still have time, and will tr
  4. Hi nh23, I am in the same situation as yours. I have graduated 8 years ago, and have not been in touch with professors. Moreover, i found out today that MDev can be combined with major in sustainability, which was my main interest. I am just too late for this year. Please let me know how it goes for you this year, it will be very helpful. Thanks & Best of luck
  5. Hello everyone. I wish you happy new year, and good start in 2017. I am interested in pursuing 1 year full-time Master program in Sustainability ( MBA or Masters) in Europe, or 2 year course if it is outstanding. I am looking for something which has strong focus on Sustainability/ Sustainable Development/ Food Security and related topics. Moreover, the program should be for people who has lot of work experience. I have already worked for 8 years in IT in Asia and Europe, hence looking for programs which has students with average age of more than 25 yearsI have only come across these 3 programs
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