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  1. Update: just got an email that I've been admitted to IU Bloomington! It's my first acceptance and I am over the moon (still waiting on the official offer letter). Hopefully this will ease my nerves a little bit before the interview at Emory this weekend. From the looks of the results board, people are just starting to hear about interviews from Brown, but not much other activity.
  2. @ThousandsHardships Have you heard back from any other schools yet? We have a few that overlap and I'm curious to know when they're starting to send out decisions.
  3. I guess I should start with my response. I applied to French PhD programs at Indiana University, Harvard, Duke, Princeton, Emory, Brown, and Yale. I did hear back from Emory the other day for their interview weekend in early February, and based on others' experiences it seems that Emory is really on the ball with getting back to everyone. All quiet otherwise. My top choice shifts back and forth between Emory and Brown, but it's a waiting game now anyway. Anyone hearing from their schools yet?
  4. I thought I'd start a thread for us to update when we hear responses (good or not so good) from French MA and PhD programs. (If this already exists elsewhere, please let me know!) It's still a bit early for most institutions, but I know some are calling for interviews already and based on past years' threads it should ramp up soon! So where has everyone applied? Who have you heard from so far? Top choices? So excited to hear everyone's experiences. Thanks!
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