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  1. I rejected from Amherst, which is kind of a huge surprise to me. Granted I have the hindrance of my 3.44 GPA, but I've been accepted to two programs already, and one of them is ranked higher, but I'm a bit surprised by this. My main interests are labor, social movements, and inequality. I have a big background in activism (and I've heard how activist oriented they are), so this is pretty weird. Like what?? Congrats to all acceptances! Also, everyone who's been rejected do not worry about it! You're gonna do great wherever you go
  2. I'm scared to do this... because UMass Amherst looks like it owns. I mean one of their faculty members is a frequent contributor to Jacobin for god's sake OH COME ON PEOPLE ALSO GOT RESULTS FROM SANTA CRUZ?? THEY HAVEN'T SENT ME ANYTHING *cries*
  3. Any Trans girls or guys that can tell me about College Park PA?
  4. I have no clue about Pittsburgh, but I can tell you that CBus has a growing and thriving LGBT community. A little white liberal, but it's inclusive if you look in the right places
  5. Haven't heard shit from them Oh yeah also weird thing to ask but are there any unis to avoid if you're trans? Came out last week and I can't find any info..
  6. Hey, Sociology program at PSU looks like where I'll be going. That said, I'm a trans girl who will be starting hormones in May. You said PSU is to the right of most Universities... would going to PSU be concerning for me?
  7. Wait listed by Indiana University :/ I don't know what that necessarily means, but I guess it's better than a rejection.. right?
  8. Yo hope you like the forums. I really hope I can at least visit UCSC even if I don't end up going there, they seem like THE leftist university at the moment. Hope we get to meet on visit weekend Still waiting to hear back from Michigan. Don't worry friend
  9. Anyone heard from OSU? I'm still waiting to hear from them...
  10. AAAAAHHHH I WANT IU TO GIVE ME A RESPONSE ???????? Edit: Anyone apply to UC Santa Cruz?
  11. People who checked their University of Wisconsin - Madison applications, where did you find your acceptance/rejection status? I'm looking right now and all I can figure out is that my application was completed haha
  12. I don't know about song95, but I got my official acceptance letter today and all that they've listed on my acceptance letter was "Sociology" despite my filling out the application materials for the dual degree with Demography. If it helps when I did my interview with Prof. Hardy she said that my research would benefit from the demography program so I'm guessing she at least knew I wanted the dual degree.
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