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  1. I have two offers I'm torn between. Offer 1: slightly better reputation with mentor whose research interests align better with mine. Tuition remission and $18k stipend as an RA with option to renew yearly for up to 4 years; more remote location, no "guarantee" on amount of future years of support--year to year budget Offer 2: slightly worse reputation (as compared to offer 1) in my field with a mentor with research interests further outside of mine. Tuition remission and $25k fellowship (no work required) for the first year with option to renew annually as an RA (more likely guaranteed funding for up to 4 years than offer 1); more urban location, would allow my spouse better options for finding work. What are your all's thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I've heard back from 3/4, but still waiting on funding information from one of those! Speech science and voice (transgender). What about you? I bet a lot has to do with coordinating funding offers. They have to wait on the graduate school and then see how many TA/RA positions there are, and who might have indep. grant funding.
  3. Hello everyone! Anyone else applying for PhD admission for this fall? I've applied to Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, and Boston University. I've been accepted to Ohio State and am going for a campus visit next week. Haven't heard from the others yet. I haven't seen much on the results page for PhD applicants this cycle. On a side note I teach adjunct at East Tennessee State University and know they're still working through the applicants for fall admissions.
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