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  1. Spanish Fall 2017

    Hola! Super, te felicito! Tuve mi entrevista el jueves por skype! Ellos me dijeron que pronto saldrían los resultados! why top choice?
  2. Spanish Fall 2017

    Congratulations!!!! My interview was not the best! Vas a aceptar la oferta?? Spanish Literature or Latin American?
  3. Spanish Fall 2017

    Good luck! ):
  4. Spanish Fall 2017

    yeah! you apply to this college?
  5. Spanish Fall 2017

    Im on waitlist USC! anyone sharing experiences about this horror?
  6. Spanish Fall 2017

    Vale! Gracias!:)
  7. Spanish Fall 2017

    Congrats! Did you know if UCLA send all admitted? Did you have interview? I applied to that program and I dont have any news yet! (:
  8. Spanish Fall 2017

    Anybody applying to Brown, Hispanic Studies?
  9. Santa Cruz, Visual Studies

    Thanks! good luck to you! ):
  10. anybody applying to Visual Studies Santa Cruz? News? interview? anything??
  11. Spanish Fall 2017

    Gracias! (I hope to receive good news soon!)
  12. Spanish Fall 2017

    Chances of an acceptance after interview?
  13. Spanish Fall 2017

    I applied to 6! only one skype interview so far! Good luck!
  14. Spanish Fall 2017

    Thank you very much! Good luck! I hope you get in!
  15. Spanish Fall 2017

    good luck! i applied to 6 programs! until now i got an email for skype interview and nothing else!