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  1. I'm glad to see that none of the people on this thread appear to have been "shut out" of everywhere they applied to (though I could be mistaken). It doesn't appear that the people on the English/Literature side of things have been as lucky.
  2. Thank you so much!! I'm sure I will thrive there. And I know who to collaborate with at Penn State! Wow, that is late! But I think you are making a good decision...I would imagine that in any case doing the MA first will make your application more attractive when applying for PhD programs.
  3. And the University of Iowa has officially offered me the assistantship with great benefits!!! I am beyond thrilled and am definitely accepting ! Funding for two years for the master's and four more for the PhD (which won't require a second application). Iowa City, here I come!
  4. If the other schools haven't given you a deadline to accept...or if they have and it still isn't for a while...then I wouldn't worry about waiting some more before making a decision. I wouldn't say that you are definitely rejected from UNC or UVA; they are likely waiting too see who is going to accept/reject their offers. What's bad is you might not know until very late in the game their official decision :/. It seems like UNC is determined to give you the runaround, so I guess the only other thing you could try is calling their graduate director or secretary (gulp) to try to get more specific
  5. I've been accepted by the University of Iowa for their master's program in Hispanic linguistics...and I will be accepting if I am awarded an assistantship. The coordinator implied to me that everyone admitted gets an assistantship, but they couldn't guarantee anything yet. It would be a dream-come-true though because the stipend would be 19k, more than I ever expected from anywhere. However my backup school wants me to accept their offer by March 10, so I'm kind of in a bind. I'm hoping I find out before then. @scarvesandcardigans congrats on Penn State!! I'm told that is one of the most
  6. Yeah, I hate it when schools give those kinds of generic replies. Like, I understand that a lot of people may be asking the same thing, but for me I at least appreciate a response that doesn't appear copied and pasted. A lack of at least slightly personalized communication gives me a bad vibe.
  7. It seems like most of the graduate programs for Spanish send out their acceptances in waves. They select the applicants they want the most at first, hypothetically filling their target class size. Then, they wait to see if these people they accepted accept or reject their offer. When enough people have rejected their offer, they send out another "wave" of acceptances, and the process repeats until spaces are filled. This is what both Illinois-UC and Indiana told me when they said I was on their waiting list. So @Spanport, you might ask UNC about the application of your status, because in both
  8. MA club Jajaja ! I decided to do the MA thing as well. I figure it will give me some time to figure out what I want to do. For me, for example, I'm not sure whether I want to PhD in Hispanic linguistics, Second language acquisition, or linguistics in general. I'm sure doing the masters first will give me some clarity.
  9. Congrats on the admits, @scarvesandcardigans!!! I kind of wish I could visit some of the places I've been accepted to, but I'm studying abroad in Colombia this semester so I'm just going to have to work with the resources I have! ???
  10. Not much to update from me. Indiana and Illinois-UC have waitlisted me...though Illinois kindly phrased it to me that I had a strong application, but just wasn't in the "first wave." So maybe I have a chance. I'm still waiting on Iowa and Wisconsin-Madison...neither have released admissions decisions yet. I'm happy that as of now nowhere has outright "rejected" me. @erasingdinosaurs did you hear back from UNC?
  11. Guilty of all of the above ??? I wonder if it's just something about us Spanish grad applicants ?
  12. Congrats on the admit @erasingdinosaurs! I won't be going to NC State, but @scarvesandcardigans do you mind if I ask you some time some general questions about what it's like to be in a masters Spanish program ?? I know precisely no one who has been through this process within the last few years.
  13. Congrats @Spanport ! And thanks for the good vibes from both you and @scarvesandcardigans. My last name does begin with a Y...haha. And I don't know if it makes a difference but I applied to the masters program. Did you apply for the masters or PhD?
  14. @Spanport Have you heard anything back from Indiana yet? I'm still waiting...though we are around the timeframe when they start making decisions.
  15. I'll PM you @erasingdinosaurs . And @scarvesandcardigans I didn't tell this school that I had other offers, but I don't imagine that it would make a difference. I just thought it was a little early in the game to be saying that kind of thing (though that doesn't mean you can't). Now, as we approach April 15th I may begin throwing that out there in hopes of a response, haha,
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