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  1. I know UMass Amherst doesn't normally do interviews, but I see that one was posted. Did anyone else get one?
  2. As long as every school in your list is a good fit I don't think that's a small amount at all! Realistically two of my schools were never going to happen so I pretty much only had a shot at four of them as well.
  3. Haha no interview though. Don't worry, I can take it!
  4. Woah that's impressive. It definitely makes me wonder why my Berkeley rejection hasn't shown up yet lol
  5. I, like most people pursuing academia, am well aware of the bleak job outlook, which is why I am applying to schools partly based on their placement rates. For example, UIUC Spanish claims a 100% placement rate in the year following graduation.
  6. Didn't hear anything from Berkeley but it looks like we applied to almost all the same schools! What's your subfield? Most of my research is in (socio)phonetics but I'm interested in theoretical phonology as well. Best of luck!
  7. Well, 3 hours before the deadline and I've decided that MIT isn't for me. Which means I'm officially done my applications!!
  8. I'm currently applying to Canadian MA programs and these schools actually have pretty strict entry requirements. They require specific courses (semantics, phonetics, etc.) and usually a BA. McGill and Toronto offer a qualifying year but no funding for it.
  9. I thought that too (I had it written down in my spreadsheet) but I recently checked here and it says there are no standardized tests required. I will email the department to double check!
  10. Thought I'd join in as well! I am a Canadian applicant so I am applying mostly to Canadian MA programs in Linguistics and Spanish Linguistics but a few reach PhD programs in the States (and McGill). I would prefer to go straight into my PhD because that's the plan but I don't mind getting a MA first. Majors: Linguistics and Spanish Cumm. GPA: 3.9 Ling GPA: 3.9 Spanish GPA: 4.0 GRE: not taking the GRE because no Canadian programs require it and I just selected American programs that don't either Subfield: phonology Schools: UofT, UBC, Western, SFU, McGill + UCLA and UMass
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