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  1. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone interested in genopolitics?
  2. Congrats for Cornell applicants! So, U-Mich remains..
  3. Many thanks for those who shared nice info on stipends. I have one question to ask. I got accepted by a PhD program and they offered me a partial funding package (partial remission of tuition for the first two years). For me, the rest of the tuition is such a burden that I will have to consider other programs with a full-funding offer. The program is my first priority and they say I'd better negotiate on my financing(I guess the person I am emailing with is the administrative director of the department). I was kind of surprised at the fact that I can (and have to) negotiate. So,
  4. How is Duke rejection notified? My portal only keeps showing no notification sign.. And, congratulations for those who got in Columbia!
  5. I have a dumb question to ask, what are the odds one is finally admitted without getting accepted at the first round of emailing?
  6. I can tell you that Rutgers sent out their first round of acceptances at least more than a week ago.
  7. What's going on with Duke? There is no 'view decision' on my screen. Is it a troll on the result page?
  8. In my case, I have a few acceptances, some with firm funding others without. And, I am currently weighing among them although I'm waiting for many others including my top priorities. Pending applications put aside, it is still a tough decision to make, as you said. Of course, definitely, it is a lot better than having no offers in hand. I find myself desiring more and more when one desire is fulfilled.
  9. Very informative! Many thanks. I think I have to visit the school...
  10. It's not quite an answer to your question but a question to you. Do you think speaking with the department on our financial concerns will help? I'm considering either keeping silent until 15th April or voicing my financial concerns by emailing and attending the visit. I appreciate your time. Thank you!
  11. Does anyone know whether a funding package can be 'upgraded'? Say, if some applicants who are offered full fundings opt for other schools, and then, these full funding packages might go to those who previously got only partial funding packages. Does it happen?
  12. Oh yes, congrats! Maybe, they sent out acceptances with out an interview at the time you got your acceptance. And, they offered an interview around the same time. So, I guess they are thinking of sending out formal letters early next week. Thanks for the info. Btw, are you from the US? I am wondering if they interview only internationals (my case)
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