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  1. Stony Brook University

    Hey Gee_ I did get accepted into the Clinical track at Fordham. I just got a email from Hunter but I don't think I want to go to Hunter
  2. Stony Brook University

    @Gee_ Thank you. My goal is to get me LCSW. But I already put my $250 deposit March 30 for Fordham and I don't think it's refundable☹️. I have figure out what is best. I love both schools
  3. Stony Brook University

    Hey everyone, so this afternoon I got a email from Stony Brook with their acceptance. I'm happy but I don't know what to do because I already gave Fordham my deposit 2weeks ago. Help!!!
  4. Hunter College City of NY

  5. Hunter College City of NY

    @Gee_ Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you
  6. Stony Brook University

    @Gee_ yep safe than sorry
  7. Stony Brook University

    @Gee_Me too girl! They have a few more days or I'm going to put deposit down
  8. Stony Brook University

    @Gee_No not yet!
  9. Hunter College City of NY

    Congrats everyone on your interview. I hope you all get into Hunter!!
  10. Fall 2017 Fordham

    Congrats on your accepts!! I was accepted as well. I'm thinking of attending but still waiting to hear back from Lehman and Stony Brook.
  11. Stony Brook University

    @Tay89 did you apply to Lehman college too?
  12. Stony Brook University

    Thanks! I hope you too!!
  13. Stony Brook University

    if I don't hear nothing by next Wednesday I will have to put my deposit for Fordham for the Fall.
  14. Stony Brook University

    I don't think I can wait till May.
  15. Stony Brook University

    I just called and they said that my application is under review right. The lady stated hopefully I should hear something soon. I need this to be over now