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  1. Is there a facebook group for the 1-year HBSW Lakehead program for 2017/2018? Also is anyone looking for a roommate!? A one bedroom apartment is not looking like it will fit into my budget..
  2. Does anyone know the deadline to accept the Windsor 2 year program? I'm on the waitlist and would like to have an idea of when the next round of offers could come. Thanks!
  3. I have been admitted, but have yet to receive my mail offer. I am unable to view the online offer as well.. If it weren't for you, then I would have potentially missed the deadline. What information does yours say? Do I just have to accept through OUAC? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know from passed experience how the Windsor waitlist works, for the 2 year program? I am currently on the waitlist for the 2 year program and am just wondering how likely it will be/ when I would know I would be off the waitlist. Any insight would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks! Turns out I've been waitlisted as well..
  6. Is there any kind of deadline or communication from Windsor, that anyone is aware of?
  7. My status changed to "admitted" a couple of hours ago!
  8. Apparently we won't hear until mid April, so maybe starting next week? Hopefully..
  9. How is everyone checking ROSI for their UofT acceptance? Where did you get a ROSI login? All I have is my SGS account. I went to UofT for my undergrad and I've looked at that ROSI account, and I can't seem to find any "registration history" page. Can someone please enlighten me! I applied to the 2-year stream, and would like to know the quickest way possible if I've been accepted/rejected/waitlisted. Thanks!