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  1. So nice to hear @Ella16! I can just imagine how you feel right now! Very hearty congratulations!
  2. Well, the hope must be alive. Best of luck to those of us still on the waiting game. Enjoy your weekend too @Thanapoomped.
  3. @Thanapoomped - Did you get the offer? Did you also get the scholarship? Nothing yet on my own end.
  4. Anything we say here on scholarship will just be mare speculations. For me, I'll just keep my fingers crossed waiting for their response. One thing for sure though is the fact that without scholarship, it will be a critical challenge for me.
  5. @hunny7 and @Nazaninn - I think not being interviewed is not working against anyone. If I am right, @Ella16 was not interviewed, but she got the offer. The chances are there for all. Wishing you best of luck guys and looking forward to meeting you in the MPA class. Applied to other schools?
  6. Thanks for sharing your very impressive profile. You really deserve the offer. I was interviewed on 3rd March. A Business Administration graduate with about 11 years post grad work-exp with the public sector. I also had a two years stint with the private sector (banking) before joining the Nigeria Federal Civil Service. Hoping to hear FAVOURABLY from LKY soon. Congrats to you once again and looking forward to meeting you in NUS.
  7. So what do you deduce from that @hunny7? Could that be a good sign. Mine is still Physical Application Verified though.
  8. @dash87-were you interviewed, if yes when please? Would you also like to briefly share your profile; Educational background, work experience etc?
  9. You are the first and only MPA candidate that has so far broken the news of your admission offer, at least on this forum. I and others are hanging as of now bro.
  10. Hope so bro. Did they really mention that funding infor will come later? Congrats once again.
  11. Congratulations Etch! Happy for you. I am here hanging in though, hoping for positive response anytime soon.
  12. Congratulations dash87! I am very happy for you. Did you get the scholarship also?
  13. Oh, that will be much appreciated please! Just trying not to put all my eggs in one basket, you know! Many thanks in anticipation.
  14. Many thanks Ella16 for the infor. The waiting game at this stage when offers have started rolling out is indeed kind of very tough. But what can one do? Fingers still crossed. About the scholarship, don't you think you should write them? You never can tell, something positive and in your favour may be done. Or do you have other funding options? Congrats once again!
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