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  1. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but this link doesn't seem to be working for me. It says "this page isn't available" This link worked though: Same group?
  2. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I used the same number! After waiting a little over 3 weeks, I was told by my regional contact that it could take significantly longer due to the high amount of medical clearance forms they are going through. I submitted March 17 and officially received clearance on April 18 (so about a month or so). I'm not sure which country you're waiting for, but mine is a non-commission country, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference at all. Good luck!
  3. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I had similar issues at first, but they cleared it up fairly quickly after I emailed my region coordinator. Hopefully they'll take care of it soon for you!
  4. Fulbright 2017-2018

    According the email I received from my contact, they won't send the grant statement until I get medical clearance (so annoying!). I'll be in/around Panama City, so a bit far from the Colombian border, but if you come through, let me know!
  5. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I'm in the same boat! I'm going on 2.5 weeks. Let us know if you hear back soon! I'm in a non-commission country (Panama), so I'm not sure if that has any impact on it.
  6. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Also keep in mind that some of us are applying for funding from multiple sources. For example, I also applied for the Fulbright Hays DDRA, which won't notify until sometime in the summer, more than likely. Since we aren't allowed to accept both Fulbrights, we don't have a choice but to accept the Fulbright US Student fellowship (since we have to meet their deadline) and then withdraw if we get accepted for the better option, the Fulbright Hays. But this is coming from a research perspective, not ETA.
  7. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I'm going to Panama! I wasn't sure that I put the right grantee ID#. It said to put the number included in the notification email, but that was too long so I just included the numbers after the first two letters. What's weird is that this is a complete different ID from what shows in my Student Self-service portal. We'll see what happens!
  8. Fulbright 2017-2018

    How long after you submitted your medical clearance forms did it take them to clear you? I've been waiting about 2 weeks at this point...
  9. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Haha!! This was exactly how I felt!!!
  10. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Thank you all so much!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you all receive amazing news as well! (and soon!)
  11. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Just received an email notification of my acceptance as a Fulbright research scholar to Panama!
  12. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I've been following this thread for a while and I think it's time for me to join in. I'm a finalist for research in Panama anxiously waiting for notification! I also have two colleagues who are finalists for Indonesia and Philippines, respectively. Good luck to you all and congrats to those who have already heard back!