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  1. searched through the results seciton, seems as though people got rejections emails today anyone here get rejected/accepted yet? got into queen's MPA, but i still want to go to ryerson, and since i got into queen's i'm hoping that means i'll get into ryerson
  2. bumping this spoke to the program director on the phone tuesday the 21, and she told me round two would be coming out early this week or next hoping if anyone hears they can post here so i should know if i should be worried or not about not hearing
  3. i haven't heard anything anyone else get in? i'm barely holding on the hope
  4. thank you for the reassuring words though, this is my first choice and I really hope to hear from them soon, waiting is the worst part of this whole process
  5. i emailed the administrator Mary Beth Kraay via email yesterday, and got no reply
  6. i am going to have to assume i have been rejected if i have not been accepted yet - pretty bad feeling did they offer much funding?
  7. did anyone who got that email's RAMSS update yet?
  8. join the club - really thinking i am not getting in either
  9. no email today either, i'm curious to know how often they send out emails, assuming there is more than just one round of acceptances
  10. i still have not received anything so i have to assume i wasn't in the first round, or in at all hopefully hear soon
  11. Queen's told you this about MPA?
  12. alright - well i'm not feeling great about this if i have't gotten the email but i'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear this week
  13. i haven't heard anything - can't be a good sign for anna123 and tashap18 do either of you go to Ryerson? just because I know at my school (Queen's) they seemed to be accepting our own students earlier please update this thread if any updates occur thanks
  14. if anyone can pm me if they hear anything from ryerson mppa, or if they talk to them and find out when we should expect to hear, i'd appreciate it
  15. you got into U of T then - I guarantee it my UofT app still says under review, but a friends said decision made, and he got the email today offering him admission to UofT MPP. congrats. I have no idea what ryerson is doing
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