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  1. Thanks for the response. I guess I was primarily stressed about how I stack up against students from schools that have programs in things like comp bio and bioinformatics/statistics.
  2. One of the schools I'm looking at is NYU. They have a general biology PhD program that houses micro, computational, molecular bio, biochem etc. If I applied to that but wrote my SOP as if I wanted to continue my current molecular bio/biochem research, wouldn't my chances of admissions be higher? Once I got in I could either do biochem or just start doing comp bio as they are in the same PhD program. Or if I wanted to do computational chemistry couldn't I write my SOP with a biochemistry emphasis to the chemistry department? I understand for schools where they are housed in separate progra
  3. Current junior chemical biology major here. I want to do a PhD program in Computational Biology/Chemistry. However, my undergraduate research experience is standard wet lab biochemistry work. I got a biotech internship this summer and it's also very wet lab molecular biology heavy. I could try to hustle and take a lot of CS/Math my last year (maybe get a minor in CS or Applied Math) to build myself as an applicant for more computationally driven research and write an SOP about how I want to switch fields but I built general research skills from my experience, etc. Or should I basically just ap
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