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  1. I just had my interview this morning for eMHI stream though. They also told me end of Apr!
  2. I am so sorry to hear this! Was this sent post interviews for the full time stream?
  3. I just received an interview date from Zoe, for the eMHI stream
  4. I applied for the eMHI, has anyone else applied to this track?
  5. I got wait listed for the executive stream of this program, they don't disclose the ranking so I guess I will be waiting this out.
  6. I wonder if they send emails for people who weren't accepted..or if it's no email at all. Getting worried!
  7. That is so odd, mine was with only Julia and another member - it was with the both of them. Did you apply for the full stream?
  8. Mine was via telephone as i'm from out of town- it was with Julia and one other person. They asked me about myself, i did my presentation and then they asked me 3 questions together. Nervous because it seemed a bit rushed so I couldnt gauge their thoughts ! Hence I was hoping interviews were moreso a formality
  9. Has anyone gotten an interview from U of T and then been rejected? Wondering if interviews were a formality or not as they got backed up the day of mine and were probably trying to catch up on time so it felt rushed. Also, they asked me about 3 questions in total- so I thought that was a bit odd.
  10. Are most of the people on this post referring to the full stream or the executive stream? I applied to the executive stream so i'd like to gauge the spots and applicants for that..
  11. Congrats on getting in! How long after your interview was this acceptance email sent? I had my interview earlier this morning and i thought I had to wait for the mail acceptance. I wonder if they will email me soon?
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