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  1. Hi all, I am a currently an undergrad psych student who hopes to one day do their psychology PhD on treating psychopathology/trauma in ethnic minority communities and reducing racial disparities in mental health. The problem is the country I am in (Australia) doesn't have a lot of research/supervisors available in my interested area while the United States (the West Coast specifically) offer PhD programs with faculty that specialise in ethnic minority psychology and generally has more academic resources available (such as a Journal of Ethnic Minority Psychology). Basically while what I want is doable in Australia, it is much more advanced/established in the States. I am looking for advice/information on exactly how solid the benefits are regarding relocating to the States for a PhD as I unfortunately don't know a lot about how institutions can affect your career. In terms of costs, I would have to break off a long-term relationship I have here and start as an international student, which carries its own inconveniences, so I really want to find out if moving is really 'worth it' so to speak. I would really appreciate any advice since this is a pretty distressing situation.
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