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  1. Hi TheOfficeFan, a classmate of mine suggested I reach out to you. I was also rejected by Goldman and am here at Sanford now doing climate policy/energy policy/transportation policy. I"m a dual MPP and MEM. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts @fruitcat. Where are you going? @demogurl I am going to Duke for two masters degrees -- public policy at $anford and environmental management at Nichola$. Where are you going?
  3. @3dender Haha I might actually end up at Sanford with you, instead of Nicholas. I think I'm down to UCSB Bren MESM vs. Duke Sanford MPP.
  4. Other notes: Seems like maybe UCSB is slightly less a feeder into public sector jobs than GWU and Duke? Anyone agree/disagree? GWU is a much smaller program so I might have less choice. Is that a big deal? GWU does have the advantage of being in DC. UCSB and Duke are both a little isolated/not near any big job centers. Does that matter? Seems like one person thinks that UCSB's network is more west coast whereas Duke or GW are more all over? Anyone else agree/disagree?
  5. Thanks for replying, all! I probably would like to stay in the west coast after graduating -- I like the SF Bay Area and there are lots of environmental nonprofits here plus progressive state govt. I am feeling open to the possibility of NYC or DC though, as well. I don't know exactly what I'd like to do, but likely will seek work in the government or nonprofit sectors working in an analyst or advocacy or project management type of position related to energy/climate/transportation policy. My life goal, broadly, is helping governments be leaders in climate change mitigation through policy. But I don't have much relevant professional experience yet so my goals may change a little. Any additional thoughts now that I've added this info?
  6. Going to grad school for environmental policy, especially energy/climate/transportation policy. Which one?? Each has diff strengths. Have visited all 3 and asked plenty of questions. Haven't spoken with Bren alums yet though -- anyone here a Bren alum? I'd love to pick your brain before admission offers all expire on Sat Apr 15. Duke Nicholas: policy school classes, energy initiative, big alum network, generally big and lots of resources (maybe research?) George Washington U Trachtenberg: environmental resource policy program, location in dc lots of govt and ngo opportunities while going to school in evening, older students with more professional connections UCSB Bren: well-organized group projects in 2nd yr, strong career center, opportunities to TA for free tuition, maybe could get involved with research Cost isn't really different across the 3 programs. (Depending on earnings at GWU or TA-ships at UCSB.). Screenshot of my cost comparison attached. See bolded rows for the 3 above schools. Thanks very much for any insights!
  7. Me too! I would choose the Bren School at Santa Barbara, except that at Duke, I also got admitted also to the MPP program. So I have the option of a dual degree program with the Sanford School at Duke for public policy and the Nicholas School for environment. 3 years, 2 masters.
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