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  1. I am on the same boat. I have contacted the university and I am applying to Masters. Same answer: they are still reviewing applications. It is awful because I go back and fourth in the idea that they are holding my application in a supposed waiting list or they are just waiting to send out a massive "denied" to all those waiting. Anyone has an idea when Masters usually are accepted?
  2. Hello, My company is paying for my masters. I will be working part time. However, I want a research masters and I am not sure if I will be able to manage work and grad school at the same time. I was wondering if moving from part time to full time with funds is a possibility? Anyone have done that? Thanks
  3. I honestly would research career post phd/Masters. I am currently working and applying to go back to school. Jobs in Engineering are relatively easy to find. Jobs that you will find passion and would love to go everyday are hard and depend on your perspective. I left a very large biomedical company, Medtronic, and I have transfer out of Biomedical Engineering program at University of Minnesota because I dont like biomedical at all. I find to be a find so regulated and with so much paper work because everything you do must be approved and follow FDA guidelines. You can do research in biomedica
  4. The department's website says acceptance processed by April 1 st. Anyone heard anything from UConn? Do they usually delay reposes? Thanks
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