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  1. Congratulations @Amit37 and @PerpetualBeginner! @Nikita01, all the best to you. I guess I'm now the only one on this thread waiting to hear back.
  2. I interviewed on 27th March (business cohort). It's been 1 month now. No news yet.
  3. Congratulations @TheMostPowerfulApplicant! All the best.
  4. Yes, business cohort. All the best!
  5. Hey Amit! I was told the same, but haven't heard back yet. Yes, let's see. The interview was fine but it's hard to say anything. Hoping to receive a decision mail soon.
  6. Hello everybody! Has anyone who gave an interview received a rejection mail yet? I am waiting for the decision mail since over 2 weeks now. Don't know if there are spots left anymore.
  7. Yes, same here. Let's see what happens.
  8. Congratulations to you too! @violet03 @SolderBob - Did they also tell you to wait for a few weeks at the end of the interview?
  9. Okay. No, not yet. Hoping for the best.
  10. @akhilm1991 - Business cohort. You? Are you also waiting for an interview decision?
  11. @SolderBob - Hey! Congratulations. I had my interview on 27th as well, but I haven't received a decision mail yet. Can you check and see if all the email ids (the ones CCed) are of men? Just a guess would be fine. Because as per the infosession, they usually keep it 50-50 between men and women. If the total distribution is of around 20 spots, then maybe they sent out admit emails to men and women separately. It's mere speculation but I really want to know whether there's still a chance.
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