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  1. IDM MIT 2017

    The best of luck!
  2. IDM MIT 2017

    Thank you! Good luck on your interview
  3. IDM MIT 2017

    Thank you!, I had my interview last week
  4. IDM MIT 2017

    Thank you! They didn't say anything but I didn't ask either!
  5. IDM MIT 2017

    Hello I was admitted yesterday as well. I feel very lucky and grateful! I received an individual email. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. IDM MIT 2017

    February 1st!
  7. IDM MIT 2017

    Good luck then
  8. IDM MIT 2017

    I'm not sure yet.
  9. IDM MIT 2017

    Thank you! How about you? Did you have your interview already?
  10. IDM MIT 2017

    I received an interview invitation today! Keep waiting, there is still hope indeed!
  11. IDM MIT 2017

    I guess that means there are no many interview invitations left? This process is so emotionally draining! I just wish they would release us quicker haha. Anyway, there is always next year! Congrats on your interview SolderBob, I'm sure it will go great.
  12. IDM MIT 2017

    Thank you!
  13. IDM MIT 2017

    I applied as a designer!
  14. IDM MIT 2017

    Still waiting! I thought there was no hope left when I saw that post about the interview invitation on the forum! but I guess that was fake. Good luck to everyone! hopefully this week will be THE week
  15. IDM MIT 2017

    I have a mixed background (design + business). I also applied to Yale SOM and I got an interview, still waiting for the final decision. Maybe that gives you an idea!