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    MIT IDM, Upenn IPD
  1. IDM MIT 2017

    Business. Nope.. Haven't been called for interview yet.
  2. IDM MIT 2017

    Hey may I know which cohort you applied to?
  3. IDM MIT 2017

    Congrats @SolderBob!! ☺️
  4. IDM MIT 2017

    Hm not really looking at a career working as a designer. Trying to pick up some skills as I start my next venture.. NW EDI And UPenn IPD waitlisted. Georgia hci accepted.. Cmu reject
  5. IDM MIT 2017

    Congrats on Cmu MDes BTW!! It's a really good program I've heard πŸ™‚
  6. IDM MIT 2017

    Oh is it.. The curriculum looks similar, and all of those 4 programs are part of some 'Integrated design innovation consortium', so had assumed they were similar.. Yes, for design thinking https://www.cmu.edu/integrated-innovation/degrees/miips/index.html
  7. IDM MIT 2017

    Anybody got into any of the other 3 related programs? CMU MIIPS, Northwestern EDI or UPenn IPD?
  8. IDM MIT 2017

    In one of the infosessions, Matt says 21 or 24 seats this year. I'm guessing no particular restrictions on the number of interviews..
  9. IDM MIT 2017

    Wish you the best for your interview! 😊
  10. IDM MIT 2017

    Just got this reply from the admissions office (sent a note to their fb page) 😯 Looks like today the last set of invites would be rolled out to applicants from round 1😞 Hello, Candidates are invited for an interview on a rolling basis from about 1 week after the deadline through about 8 weeks after the deadline. Final notifications will be sent our about 8 weeks after March 10. Thank you!
  11. Stanford MS in Engg Design Impact Program

    I've applied.. No response yet. Haven't reviewed my portfolio either.. Did they look your portfolio yet?
  12. IDM MIT 2017

    Bachelor's in engineering (GPA on the lower end), 325 gre, 1 year as a business analyst and 2.5 yrs as an entrepreneur, Some software product design experience How about yours? Says on their site, 'thesis project' 😬 Oh cool! πŸ‘
  13. IDM MIT 2017

    I applied to the business cohort Hey, which cohort did you apply to? I have a design + business background as well. Applied to business and shared link to design portfolio on my resume. But they haven't looked it up yet..
  14. IDM MIT 2017

    Thanks! Upenn systems engineering! I sort of assumed you were referring to Upenn IPD, which has similar curriculum structure as that of IDM's. Application deadline for that was sometime in Jan.. Relieved.. 😌 😬
  15. IDM MIT 2017

    Hey Congrats on Upenn! May I know when you heard from Upenn, and the date you applied? I'd applied too, but haven't heard from them yet :-(