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  1. Check out the last video IDM folks posted (Mid Jan 2017). Matt had shown a slide with contact number of IDM office. All the Best!
  2. Ok! All the Best! I guess the interview goes with the flow once you start telling about your activities. Mine was 45 minutes in duration.
  3. Asked me to take through the Resume and Portfolio. All the Best!
  4. Congratulations! When were you interviewed?
  5. Thanks I guess those CCed are a mix of both genders. Did you hear back yet?
  6. They basically want to hear your story. Did you receive an interview invite?
  7. Friends, I received an admit from the program. Finally Very happy! For everyone's information, 10 other people were CCed on the generic email, saying that "you've been favourably considered and your admission offer letter is in process". Seems like they also received an admit, or could be some mistake.
  8. Nope! I scheduled it for 27th.
  9. Congratulations! Best of Luck!
  10. I personally know 3 very strong candidates who applied to IDM. None has heard back yet. However, one of them wrote to the admissions coordinator last week and got this reply: Hi ABC, Thank you for your patience. We received many more applications than we expected in round one so our process is moving a bit slower than anticipated. Your application is still under review and we hope to be in touch soon! Best, Lesley
  11. As per my communication with the admissions office, majority of invitations are YET to be sent out. So, keep your fingers crossed! Also, you can call the IDM office and ask for your status. Folks there are very helpful, and as per my experience, this wouldn't negatively impact your odds
  12. Folks! Do not worry. I called the IDM office few hours back to confirm my interview schedule. The admissions officer told me they haven't sent out many admits until now. So I guess you guys shouldn't really worry
  13. All the best to everyone here! Thanks! I am travelling these days, so got it scheduled for March last week.
  14. Thanks and same to you! As far as I know, IDM is an inter-disciplinary program between Sloan and the school of engineering at MIT and is often touted as a sister program of SDM, more geared towards creating leaders in hardware product space.
  15. Thanks, Sure! I am an Engineer with 4 years of experience across traditional corporate and social entrepreneurship in Asia and Australia. GRE 169/162/4 Q/V/AW. IELTS 7.5 Had my undergrad project at MIT Media Labs (got one rec from the supervisor there). Other two recs from the Director of an MNC and another Prof from undergrad university. Fairly strong SOP and LORs. More than anything, I think my writing to the admissions coordinator at IDM led to hearing back earlier than others. Hope that helps.
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